Customer Service


At Caldera Spas & Hot Tubs, we recognise that customers today expect retailers and manufacturers to support their products. This is how we will support you;

Before Purchase

We will discuss where to locate your hot tub. This will include any electrical provision, water supply and disposal, base construction, decking, and access. If access is of concern, we will review your digital pictures, and in the majority of cases we can decide if access is possible from these. We may ask you to measure a specific gap or height. If we cannot decide on access from your pictures, we undertake to visit your home and conduct a full site access survey. There is a charge for this service, which is refunded if access is not possible, and is discounted from your package if you choose to go ahead.

Delivery Booking

You will be contacted by Hot Tub Assist, our installation and service contractor provider, by telephone to agree a delivery date. This is always confirmed by post and / or e mail. Due to the natrure of traffic etc, timed deliveries are not possible. We will try to give an indication of am / pm, but ask that you understand that circumstances sometimes mean we are unable to arrive as expected. We will always call you if this happens.

You can expect a fully trained and equipped two person delivery team. Where needed, we will provide a HiAb crane arm equiped vehicle at no extra cost. We may sometimes ask you if you are able to provide extra fit additional strong healthy persons to assist with delivery, and we will always do this well in advance of delivery day.

Delivery Day

On the day of delivery we will call you to confirm provide an estimated arrival time. On arrival, we will discuss the spa's route to its base with you, highlighting any issues, and seek to resolve them. We will deliver the spa to its desired location, and remove and dispose of all packing. We will fill the spa using your water supply, and do all needed complete all the required commissioning checks.

We will give the hot tub its initial sanitisation and balancing treatment. We will explain basic spa function and watercare to you. We will not leave your home until we have checked that you are satisfied with your delivery. We will always respect your home and property, but should an incident occur, we are fully insured, and can provide proof of this on your request.

Work under Warranty

If the hot tub fails to perform as expected, please contact your Caldera showroom on 01949 20207. They will discuss the issue with you. Many issues can be easily resolved over the phone. One factor causes more service issues that any other; dirty or clogged filters. Please ensure filter cleaning is carried out as instructed. No call out under warranty will be made if the filters are not cleaned as instructed. Dirty filters are not a manufacturing fault and will not be covered by warranty.

Should we need to attend your home to carry out service under warranty, we will agree a date as we did for delivery. We are able to call you prior to arrival if this is arranged when the service call is booked. All work is carried out by manufacturer trained techs service technicians and using ex factory parts. Parts and on site labour are free, however local service centres may charge a fee to cover travel costs. This is always discussed with you before a service under warranty call is booked.

We are able to resolve the vast majority of problems on the first visit. Should a second visit be needed, we will not charge for this, unless agreed on the first visit.

Service Plans

As with a car, you can choose to service it yourself, or have service work done carried out by a contractor an authorised service provider. There are many plans available to you, and help with choosing the right plan is just a call away on 01949 20207. You are not obligated to purchase a service plan, and by not doing so will not affect your warranty provision. However regular service work will save you time and hassle, improve your bathing comfort, and will prolong the life of your spa and spa components as they move beyond the duration of the warranty, thus saving you money too.

Warranty Extension Plans

Such plans provide cover against future costs after the warranty period ends. There are many plans available to you, and help with choosing the right plan for you is just a call away on 01949 20207. You are not obligated to purchase a Warranty Extension Plan. However doing so will provide peace of mind, and guard against unexpected large bills costs.

Spa Relocation Service

Caldera spas & hot tubs are designed to be portable. If you move house, or just re design your garden, we are able to help. We can empty you spa, wrap it for transport, take it to your new home and re install and if you want we can also arrange re-commission it. The charge for this service is calculated on an individual basis to allow fior for distance and time. We are able to provide this coverage nationally, and to selected destinations overseas and as we are insured your spa is fully protected.

Other Brands and Services

We are able to service most brands of spa and hot tub. With regards to in warranty work you should in the first instance refer to your retailer and/or manufacturer. if Should you require a service not mentioned above, please give us a call as we are always happy to assist. All works are individually priced.

Your Guarantee

All parts and works carried out as above are guaranteed for at least one year.

Customers benefit from businesses with ISO 9001 certification Customers benefit from businesses with ISO 9001 certification